Welcome Snowbirds!


Snowbirds love the San Jacinto Valley! This section of the Visit San Jacinto Valley website is devoted to Snowbirds who would like to “winter” with us and enjoy a moderate climate, a sense of community, a variety of outdoor activities and a great value to boot!

What Snowbirds “won’t” find here ~

Spend some time here looking at all that the San Jacinto Valley offers. There are a few things that the area doesn’t offer though that we want to be totally upfront about:

  1. Snowbirds won’t find a big city feel.
  2. There’s not a traffic problem.
  3. The San Jacinto Valley doesn’t have extreme winter temperatures.
  4. There’s no sense of urgency, the San Jacinto Valley is extremely relaxed.
  5. You won’t find any snow on the ground, but Snowbirds can view it from afar, as the San Jacinto Mountains high above the valley glisten with it.

* via visitsanjacintovalley.com